Brad Green CEO/Founder of BradGreenMedia was born and raised in Bronx,NY. In high school he realized he enjoyed recording videos when he taped & edited basketball games for practice. After high school he lost interest temporarily. He resumed his craft again in August of 2011 when he made a pilgrimage to California with his new Canon Rebel and never put it down…

Q: When did your career start?

A: Well it depends on which career. Photography/Videos, I would have to say about four months ago. I have been making beats since 2004; started with a MPC 2000 now I use Reason and Recycle. I try to be creative all day everyday. I like to entertain and have a message as well. I feel as if my art speaks for itself. 

Q: Describe your fantasy photograph + production:

A: My ideal fantasy photograph would be me on one of those hang gliders, some where like the Grand Canyon, gliding, snapping everything I see. Then when I get home, make a beat & create a video out of the photos.

Q: In your opinion, what makes photography an art?

A: What makes photography an art to me is that it is a forever captured moment of what you see; all the techniques, effects; its a form of expression.

Q: If there was an opportunity to shoot one person nude. Who would it be & why?

A: One person I would love to shoot nude would have to be Teyana Taylor. Check her out.

Q: Who are 3 people that you would like to work with in the near future?

A: Three people that I would like to work with would have to be, Kanye West, Cee Lo Green and Swizz Beatz.

Q: To sum it up. What can we expect from you this yr + where can the viewers find work from you ?

A: To sum it up, this year I will be focusing more on perfecting my “Art in Motion” craft, along with more instrumentals and pictures. I don’t do much talking.

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