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“In time … it will all make sense #INKCULTURE”

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16 Pads @
(Via: I.N.K Photography)

16 Pads @

(Via: I.N.K Photography)

California Dreaming … Paradise
(Via: I.N.K Photography)


California Dreaming … Paradise

(Via: I.N.K Photography)

Whats In Your Closet ?
(Via: I.N.K Photography)

Whats In Your Closet ?

(Via: I.N.K Photography)

Lavell Wimberly - “Jack of All Trades”

                                                                       Lavell Wimberly … Burgundy

Q: Will you tell me a little bit about yourself? 

A: Well I’m from the Bronx now living on Miami Beach in my mid 20s.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: I have been in business since 2005, but “Burgundy” only since 2010’.

Q: Do you consider yourself a “jack of all trades?

A: There is no better way to describe me. I do it all.

Q: What’s your specialty?

A: Mastering everything I touch. {Laughs}

Q: What is the price point for your brand & your target audience?

A: Ah price point? Above Gap under Vuitton. I want kids from 16 to grown ups in their mid 50s in Burgundy.

Q: Approximately how long does it take you to finish a collection?

A: I’m never finished.

Q: When will Burgundy be available to the public for sale?

A: There are sample pieces for sale now; but “Chapter ll” re-release is the main collection that we have hopes to shock a lot of people with.

Q: What do you think of everyone trying to get into fashion?

A: Everyone wears clothes.

Q: What happens if you go out of business?

A: I Wont.

Q: Who is you favorite designer & why?

A: Men’s -Tom Ford (Suits) & Pucci (Ties)      Women’s - Nicole miller 

Below are a few samples from Burgundy’s line.

Backstreet Delight

Strolling through Manhattan, New York can be quite an experience. The atmosphere is extremely lively and crowded; at night the bright city lights illuminate the dark humid skies and create a type of euphoria that is unexplainable. Although Manhattan is know for its endless activity and bright lights ("The city that never sleeps"

) there are a few things that often go by unnoticed; one thing is the the backstreets, also known as the roads less traveled on. Strolling through these enticing side streets are a great way to capture freelance art and even hold a conversation. You may be surprised with the different things one can encounter on a journey through the deserted back blocks.

                                                             “I love it in the city, I love it in the city” 


Appreciate the little things in life! Express your art from your heart! Submit photos of your city to

Ferri Update … “Troll Power”

After releasing his first few paintings with INK Culture, artist Steven Ferri has another painting to add to the archives! “Troll Power”. Tell us what you think! Stay tuned for a future INK Culture x Steven Ferri collaboration.

Shiyion Wahsnerc - “Crazy Aura”

Intro: Hello everyone, I’m 20 years old, my name is Shiyion, my friends call “Shigh,” I like to have fun … laugh … girls. I’m currently enrolled at Davidson; I recently got laid off from my last nine to five but my tattooing business has been paying the bills!

Q: How often do you tattoo?

A: It really depends; some weeks I can tat 8 people, others 2. Just this last week I tattooed nine people in 3 days. It really fluctuates.

Q: As you were growing up, what inspired you to pick up this skill?

A: I always been an artist … but once my best friend began tattooing, I knew I could do it too, because I was just as good of an artist.

Q: Describe your first customers reaction? How do you think you did?

A: My first customers reaction … she was real happy; her sister even got one after her. I was pretty impressed.

Q: Do you have a shop? If not, any names in mind?

A: Nope, I don’t have a shop yet & no names as of yet … but I have been talking to a few guys in tuff city about an apprenticeship, so if all goes well I plan on landing a permanent position.

Q: Would you say tattooing is a lucrative business?

A: It could be lucrative depending on the artists experience and the location of the tattoo shop. Some places charge $150.00 by the hour; that’s where I plan on being. I need to gain more experience and find a good location where I can make some real money.

Q: Shortest/Longest time spent working:

A: The shortest amount of time I spent on a tattoo would have to be literally three seconds; I put a “mole” next to a girls eye … the longest was some rib tribal tattoo I did for this girl, it took maybe 7/8 hours … it was pretty big.

Q: If you had one wish to benefit your business, what would it be?

A: A good location … send me to Cali!!! Put me down with Kat Von D and I’m good! Im Ready!

Stay tuned for an exciting portfolio put together by Shiyion. Coming Soon. Follow him (@CrazyAura) on (

Lovely Yves Saint Suprise!

With the summer months quickly approaching, I began looking for some new footwear to stroll around with; but luckily, I saved myself a trip to the city because I got a gift from the most important person in the world, My Mom! These YSL’s are part of last years collection & a great shoe to gain a few glances from people around town. You can find these shoes at The shoes go for about $525.00 USD. What do you think ?

Steve Ferri - “Creative Realist”

Coming out of White Plains,NY, “The Creative Realist” - 19yr old painter Steven Ferri.

Intro: Ferri is a 19yr old painter that realized his passion was in painting. When he can; he likes to chill with friends, shop, workout and most importantly, work on his craft. Ferri currently attends Westchester Community College and plans on continuing his education at the School of Visual Arts.

Q: So, why painting ?

A: Well painting was something I recently picked up on. I mostly sketch and do illustrations with pencils and other mediums but with painting I wanted to get more into since its a medium that takes time to master like with pencils.

Q: If you could collaborate with one painter who would it be ?

A: Hmm, if i could do team-up with another painter I’d probably choose Norman Rockwell. His whole technique and style was something I always liked ever since before I really got into art … so to like share my talent with him would be dope.

Q: How would you describe your art ?

A: Realism with my own creativity!

Q: Approximately how long does it take you to finish a painting ?

A: Well like with all of the art i create, it takes HOURS to really perfect it with all the correct details and accuracy. The last painting I did took over 30 hours so I would say that’s an average.

Q: Have you ever done a live naked sketch ? What celebrity would you sketch nude if you ever had a chance & why ?

A:{Laughs} Yeah, I actually had three nude models come into my one drawing class last semester, so that was pretty cool since it was my first time. If I had to pick a celebrity it would be Heidi Klum since shes a model already.

Q: Has any of your work ever been published ?

A: I’ve had two articles published with me featured in it after an art exhibit I had last month which was pretty fresh. One was the "Tarrytown Patch" and the other was "The Hudson Independent"

Q: If you were not painting what do you think you would be doing ?

A: Hmm if i wasn’t painting I would probably be drawing {chuckles} or doing another type of medium.

Q: Plans of expansion ?

A: I really wanna just get my art out as much as possible and have gallery viewings. I’m not in it to sell my art and make money really it’s just the love I have for it that I wanna share with others.

Quick City Island Bite :)

City Island is a small community at the edge of New York City located just beyond Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx and surrounded by the waters of the Long Island Sound and Eastchester Bay. A bridge away from the Bronx, City Island has retained a unique small-town, atmosphere frequently compared to that of a New England fishing village.  On this little Island has a few good seafood restaurants; one of our favorites; Crab Shanty. 


                                                               Strawberry Daiquiri & Pina Colada

                                                                       Seafood Fettuccine Alfedo

                                                                                 Shrimp Scampi

                                                 Stuffed Broiled Lobster Tails W. Jumbo Fried Shrimp

                                                                   Whats in your stomach ? :)

"See Instrumental.Mp3" - BackPackNY

Isn’t it a nice feeling to have your mind racing and all your thoughts connect? One thing you can depend on super talented producer BackPack for is a soothing instrumental. Close your eyes … Levitate … Envision … Create. #WhatYouThink ?

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Moon View - Ground Level. Call it “Pink Sky Ti-Dye” 
(VIA: I.N.K Photography)

Moon View - Ground Level. Call it “Pink Sky Ti-Dye” 

(VIA: I.N.K Photography)

Little things … (Lets go for a stroll, pay attention to the little details. stay awhile) … make me smile.  :)
(VIA: I.N.K Photography)

Little things … (Lets go for a stroll, pay attention to the little details. stay awhile) … make me smile.  :)

(VIA: I.N.K Photography)


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