Name: PandaReemy aka Playboy Panda aka Just Call Me Panda

Age: 24 … maybe 23?

Location: In between NYC & Philly

Title: AnmlHse Co-Owner

Area of Interest: Graphic Design. Event Coordinating. Blogging.

Q: How did Anmlhse start?

A: That my friend is a long story. Well, not really. AnmlHse started way back when Jonny Rabbit, and a couple of my art school friends wanted to put our designs and ideas on t-shirts. We were all studying Graphic Design, Web Design, Animation and Fashion Design, so we decided to put our talents to good use. We made up “ANML” names and characters for each member (Johnny Rabbit, Brian The Dogg, Skillit Mouse, etc.) At that time in 2008, street wear was very underground, but we still managed to create a buzz with our custom “ANMLization” characters on Myspace and our parties gave us our notorious “Part ANML” lifestyle that we try to promote through our brand. After a couple of seasons, we decided to take this a lot more serious and here we are today!

Q: What is your position in Anmlhse?

A: I am one of many Graphic Designers, Event Coordinator, and my main focus with this company is Blogging and Brand Identity.

Q: Any upcoming events?

A: Always! We are currently working on a college tour in the DMV & NYC areas. But other than that, we have a monthly Performance Party in the works with some of your favorite upcoming artists.

Q: What do you look for in a girl?

A: I honestly don’t even look for anything specific. Women play a big role in my life, and I can say that there is so much to look for that you just have to accept you might not find it. But, if I had to choose, loyalty is a big priority. Also, a girl that can laugh and maintain a carefree lifestyle like mine is important too.

Q: Preference: Drugs/Sex/Alcohol? Why?

A: I’m all about experimentation when it comes to drugs, but I don’t rely on them. I drink alcohol, but I do not enjoy liquor but I can always go for a nice cold beer. So it would have to be sex. Like I said before, women play a big role in my life and for more reasons that one of course. Even if it is casual sex, fucking sex, romantic sex, doesn’t matter. I mean who doesn’t love sex? (Laughs) I guess you could say that sex would have to be my drug.

Q: Where do you see Anmlhse in three years?

A: Here is a scenario. Three years from now we will be successful young professionals that are in a business meeting, super hungover from drinking and having sex with strippers the night before. Yeah, that seems about right. Hopefully Anmlhse will be a household name!

Q: Do you have any other businesses you would like to pursue other than Anmlhse?

A: Well honestly, I have been writing rhymes since I was thirteen. I had a rap group until I was 18. Ever since I moved to Philly that aspect of me fell off but I still write from time to time. I think before the year is over, you guys will be hearing something from Playboy Panda.

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